Message-On-Hold Will Help You Close More Sales-Here Are 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Can we agree that the telephone is essential to the survival of your business? If that is the case, how can you convert your telephone in to the money making tool that it could and should be? Here are three hidden reasons why your telephone can make you more money by utilizing Message-On-Hold!

REASON #1 -When you place your caller on-hold and there is nothing holding the attention of that caller, you are taking a risk that your valuable caller will leave and not return. A properly executed message-on-hold production connected to your business’ phone system will help eliminate this problem. Whether you have a retail store, business-to-business company or a professional office, your business will benefit from having a high-quality audio production on hold. When you place your caller on hold and there is nothing for that caller to hear, the caller assumes that they have been disconnected! This is especially true if they are calling on a cell phone and nowadays, everyone is using a cell phone. The cell phone compresses the audio that your caller hears. This causes problems for you, the business owner. The caller believes that they have been ignored, they get bored and leave. If the caller really wants to do business with you, they will call back. If they are upset at feeling ignored…toss that sale in the trash. That caller will go somewhere else. A sales opportunity lost!

REASON #2-Bad audio on hold is BAD BUSINESS! Lots of businesses have audio playing on-hold, but it is the wrong kind–a scratchy old FM radio station. Is that radio station making you any money? NO. Aside from the fact that it sounds horrible, it may be costing you money. WHY? A lot of businesses hook up a radio to their phone system and then they just leave it there, for years! The station may not be tuned in properly and it sounds awful to the inbound caller. It is also possible that the radio station could be playing commercials from your competition! Who needs that? Oh, and by the way, playing music on your phone system that you don’t own is illegal. Your business can be fined by Broadcast Music Incorporated and The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (music rights agencies) because you are re-broadcasting music without paying for the rights to play that licensed music. Oh, and if you think that hooking up your mp3 player, CD player or your computer to your phone system is OK, think again. Just because you own that music for your own entertainment, doesn’t mean that you own the rights to broadcast it over your phone system.

REASON #3-Message-On-Hold makes a good impression. A high-quality, professionally-produced on-hold audio production will improve the image of your business and increase its sales. Whether your business is large or small, a proper on-hold recording will keep your caller focused on your business and what it has to offer. You can customize the style of ad copy and music personality that you want to portray. Target the needs of your caller while they are on hold–tell them about your hours of operation, your website address, the product lines you carry and all of your specialties. Tell them why they should do business with you! Message-On-Hold is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising you can utilize–good economy or bad. You’re still going to be answering the telephone and placing callers on hold. With Message-On-Hold you can hold the attention of the caller, educate them about your business and seize the moment! Make a sale!